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At Epiphany Wellness, our hand-selected team of field experts and compassionate providers are dedicated to fulfilling a common purpose: To comprehensively support our clients from a holistic perspective as they pursue recovery and personal well-being.

We know that whatever you’re facing has the potential to take over your life and negatively impact your family, finances, career, or academic pursuits. We’re here to help you restore the life you love. To refocus your path toward where you truly desire to go.

To become the best version of yourself.
To experience your Epiphany.

Earned Certifications and Valued Accreditations

When you’re on the right track for substance use recovery and mental health treatment, word spreads like wildfire. We’re proud to share our achievements with you and your loved ones and put your mind at ease. At Epiphany Wellness, you’re in good hands.

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