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Shana Tallon

Admissions Coordinator

About Shana

Meet Shana Tallon, a dedicated professional in the substance abuse and mental health field for nearly four years. As the Admissions Coordinator, she serves as the crucial first point of contact for our clients seeking recovery support and help, offering them a lifeline and guiding them towards the best possible treatment options.

Shana’s role is pivotal in building rapport with clients, ensuring they feel heard and supported from their very first interaction with Epiphany Wellness. Shana’s passion for her work is deeply personal, as she sustains her recovery and mental health journey. This experience fuels her commitment to helping others find the same hope, transformation and healing she once received.

Outside of her professional development, Shana is a thriving mother of a toddler, finding joy and balance in her family life. She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking and spending time in nature. Shana cherishes the moments spent with her loved ones, which provide her with strength as well as inspiration both personally and professionally.

With her empathetic approach and personal understanding of the recovery process, Shana strives to make a positive impact in the lives of those seeking help, guiding them towards a healthier and brighter future.

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