Aftercare: Support For Lifelong Recovery

What Happens After Substance Abuse Treatment? We Can Help You Maintain Sober Living and Pursue Personal Well-Being.

Navigating an alcohol or substance use disorder can present struggles and obstacles that last a lifetime. By seeking holistic treatment for yourself or a loved one, you take the first empowered step to lifelong healing. When you come to establishing an aftercare program, this is the time when you’ve reached a greater degree of personal autonomy. This is when you put your practical coping skills to good use. This is where you finally begin to build the life you truly desire, with freedom and accountability. It’s time for your Epiphany. Start here.

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Aftercare: Defined

Aftercare is a long-term support system and practical strategy to maintain a sustainable and successful recovery. After you’ve completed an inpatient or outpatient program at either our New Jersey or Tennessee treatment facility.

Every aftercare plan is of custom design and tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs. It serves to provide a reliable support system and practical relapse prevention strategies for ongoing recovery success.

Drug Rehab: Sustaining Lifelong Recovery - New Jersey & Tennessee

As you reintegrate back into your daily routine, you will continue to develop and practice practical coping skills to your maintain sobriety. You will be safely prepared to navigate daily challenges such as emotional triggers, stress, triggers, and the symptoms of underlying mental health conditions. With Epiphany Wellness, your aftercare plan helps you establish a greater level of independence in your life with a balance of accountability from your support network. Our goal is to help you stay grounded in your recovery journey and successfully pursue your life goals.

Even with relapse prevention strategies in place, it’s possible to still face obstacles. This is an opportunity to reevaluate your level of care and make the necessary adjustments to ensure ongoing success. It’s an opportunity to approach your treatment from a fresh perspective and try a new therapy or counseling approach.
It’s an opportunity to be encouraged and empowered to keep going. Claim your opportunity by pursuing ongoing care after your treatment program is over.

Aftercare Statistics: The Success of The Ongoing Recovery Process

Aftercare in Drug Rehab: Lifelong Support for Recovery - New Jersey & Tennessee

Did you know that two-thirds of substance use disorder sufferers relapse within a few weeks or months of beginning treatment? A year later, more than 85% will relapse and resort to the undesirable habits of their alcohol or substance use disorder.[1]

“Taking a break” or becoming disconnected from your recovery community can lead to disastrous consequences. By implementing a practical and consistent rehab aftercare plan, you will have greater success in your recovery after short-term addiction treatment programs have ended.[2] You will learn how to anticipate potential obstacles threatening your sobriety and have ready-made and practical solutions available to help you navigate them successfully.


“Coming from a different facility, I was very relieved to be brought here. It was a much better facility than the last one I was at. The staff actually cares about every single patient they have.”

Isabella F. Recovered Client
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“Epiphany wellness is the best treatment center I’ve ever been to. The support and sense of community is amazing. I actually feel like I’m cared about by the staff and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure the clients have what they need....

Noah K. Recovered Client
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“Epiphany Wellness is an inclusive environment that thoroughly assisted me in my recovery journey. The best experience I’ve ever had in a rehabilitation facility, hands down.”

Amari H. Recovered Client
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“I came into this place closed off and broke. I left with a bunch of new skills and a better mindset. The staff here were extremely patient with me and gave me everything I needed when I asked for help. If you like a community aspect when it co...

Jason Recovered Client
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The Efficacy of Aftercare Programs

Official clinical research reveals that most participants in aftercare programs will remain consistent and stop misusing substances. It also suggests aftercare programs help them to reduce participation in criminal activity, enhance psychological functioning, and improve social behaviors.[3] The success is in the numbers, but it’s also in our clients. Here’s what a few had to say.

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Substance Use Disorder Aftercare Programs

During early recovery, it’s important to maintain a connection with your treatment support network. With ongoing individualized case management and regular follow-up, you will be continually equipped for success.

How your aftercare program looks will vary from client to client but could include housing assistance, job placement, and counseling. The success of your path relies heavily on your coping skill development, the support of friends and family members, and your ongoing participation in 12-step programs and support groups. All of these elements hold a valued place in recovery and will help you stay the course.

Mental Health Support

Aftercare Housing Assistance: Finding A Safe Space

Transportation Assistance: Getting You Where You Need To Go

Continuing Education: A Motivator For Success

Vocational Training: Live Life By Design

Job Placements Programs For The Career-Driven

Community Support: Empowering Accountability and Encouragement

Aftercare Programs Support A Lifetime of Recovery Success

When your outpatient treatment program has ended, your independent journey has just begun. By participating in our alumni programs and aftercare plans, you will be empowered and encouraged to maintain lifelong sobriety, pursue personal well-being, and create a life that matches your goals. We can help.





Frequently Asked Questions About Aftercare Plans

What If Aftercare Isn’t Enough for Me?

Recovery is not linear, and the journey is unique for everyone. If you or your loved one feel at any time that additional support is needed, please reach out immediately. We’re here to provide therapy, treatment, accountability, and support for relapse prevention.

Let your clinician know immediately so your recovery plan can be reevaluated and the necessary adjustments can be implemented as soon as possible. You must be honest with yourself and your support system about your progress and pursue a greater level of care if needed

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How Long Does Aftercare Support Last?

After your outpatient program is over, you will still need ongoing support. An aftercare program allows you to maintain relationships, support circles, and accountability channels for as long as you need them. Should you require additional support or find yourself in a precarious living situation due to addiction, our PATH program is available to provide aid and prevent potential homelessness. We want to support you as you build coping and interpersonal skills for sustainable sobriety and lifelong healing. We’re here to help you reach your Epiphany.

What is the primary goal of aftercare plans?

The primary purpose for creating individualized aftercare plans is to promote relapse prevention. The nature of alcohol and substance use disorders is that they’re chronic. If there are any underlying mental health disorders resulting in a co-occurring disorder, this may exacerbate the symptoms of each, making long-term recovery even more difficult to sustain.

An aftercare plan provides supportive and practical strategies for maintaining sobriety by continuing to practice healthier habits for life, not just for now.

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Our Medication-assisted detox, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive outpatient program (IOP), and Outpatient Programs (OP) offer comprehensive support across multiple levels of care. If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome a substance use disorder, please don’t try to go it alone. Individualized support in a safe, evidenced-backed, and recovery-driven program is the key to lasting success.