Cecilia Kilmer

Intake Coordinator & Case Manager

About Cecilia

Meet Cecilia Kilmer, a dedicated professional of substance abuse/addiction and behavioral health. With a genuine passion for helping others, Cecilia has spent the past three years making a positive impact in various roles, including intake coordinator, case manager, and office manager.

As Epiphany Wellness’ Intake Coordinator, Cecilia takes pride in leading orientation groups, ensuring that new clients feel welcome, and facilitating a thorough understanding of the programs offered. She recognizes the importance of giving 100% every day, both for the benefit of client’s personal and professional growth. Cecilia believes in consistently delivering her best work in order for optimal functioning of her role as well as for the overall organization to thrive.

As our Case Manager, what sets Cecilia apart is her profound satisfaction in witnessing the transformative journey of individuals. She thrives on observing the “lightbulb” moments and actively contributes to helping people achieve their own personal goals. Connecting with individuals on an exclusive level, Cecilia is committed to tailoring each client’s journey to their unique needs as she offers support and navigation throughout this instrumental self-discovery process.

Outside of her professional life, Cecilia enjoys exploring new restaurants, embarking on travel adventures, hiking, practicing yoga, and spending quality time with her four-legged companion. She is an avid enthusiast of scary movies, she finds joy in indulging in binge-watching sessions. Currently pursuing her Masters in Addiction Studies, Cecilia Kilmer is not only an experienced professional but also a lifelong learner devoted to enhancing her expertise in the field. With her combination of hands-on experience, empathy, and commitment to ongoing education, Cecilia is well-equipped to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those she serves.

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