Jennifer Byrne, CRS - CASE MANAGER: Epiphany Wellness Centers

Jennifer Byrne, CRS

Intake Coordinator & Case Manager

About Jennifer

Jennifer Byrne is a dedicated Case Manager, bringing a wealth of professional experience and educational background to her role. She obtained her certification as a recovery specialist through the Pennsylvania Certification Board, completing the CRS program at Penn State University. Jennifer’s journey began at Beacon Point, where she gained valuable experience as a case manager at their detox/inpatient facility in Philadelphia. Her key functions include resume building, job search assistance, FMLA/Short Term disability application support, scheduling physicians’ appointments, and developing aftercare plans. Jennifer’s passion lies in helping clients achieve independence and confidence in managing their lives post-treatment, making a significant contribution to the company’s mission

What sets Jennifer apart is her unwavering motivation and drive to witness her clients’ achievements and milestones in recovery. Whether it’s maintaining sobriety, navigating appointments, or inspiring others, Jennifer finds immense fulfillment in being a part of their transformative journey. Her dedication and skills contribute to the overall success of the company, as she works diligently to empower clients and instill hope in their lives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jennifer’s personality and work-life balance are shaped by her role as a parent. Her children hold a special place in her heart, and she finds great joy in supporting their growth, accomplishments in sports and education, and personal development. Additionally, Jennifer values quality time with her family and embraces opportunities to unwind and relax at the beach, creating cherished memories with her loved ones. With her strong professional background, unwavering dedication, and commitment to personal growth, Jennifer is a valuable asset to our team and an inspiration to both clients and colleagues alike.

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