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Ivan Herrera

Primary Therapist

About Ivan

Meet Ivan Herrera, a dedicated Primary Therapist with a diverse background in outpatient and inpatient mental health settings. His journey began in outpatient care for both adults and children, where he honed his skills in individual and group therapy. Transitioning to a psychiatric hospital provided invaluable experience in inpatient treatment before finding his passion in the substance abuse field.

Currently serving at Epiphany, Ivan plays a pivotal role in coordinating comprehensive treatment plans that encompass medication management, housing assistance, individual therapy, and group therapy. With a keen understanding that each client’s journey is unique, Ivan is committed to tailoring treatment approaches to meet client’s specific needs and recovery goals.

Driven by the belief that proper care involves meeting clients where they are emotionally, Ivan ensures that every client receives the support and guidance necessary to thrive throughout their treatment journey. He recognizes the profound impact his work can have on the social fabric of society and finds inspiration in the potential for positive change.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Ivan finds joy in creative outlets such as playing the guitar, painting, and indulging in his passion for running.

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