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Katie Hans

Admissions Coordinator

About Katie

Meet Katie Hans, a flexible problem solver with superb communication skills and a detail-oriented mindset. She is deeply passionate about the transformative impact Epiphany Wellness can have on individuals, a conviction rooted in her own experience in recovery. She sustains her personal experience & journey with addiction in order to be a part of the solution working in the Substance Abuse & Recovery field.

As the Admissions Coordinator in our New Jersey location, Katie possesses extensive expertise in sales and customer relations, and has cultivated years of experience. As an alumni of Epiphany Wellness, Katie is profoundly grateful for the invaluable opportunities and knowledge this esteemed company has bestowed upon her growth and expansion.

Katie is the first line of contact for our potential clients, striving to understand their needs for their recovery journey. She also helps integrates the admissions, operations, clinical and medical departments, supporting the coordination of client intake, events, nurtures individualized client services and resources. Katie is a prosperous correspondent amongst all admissions team to achieve seamless transitions, allowing clients to focus on programming, individualized treatment plans and their recovery. Katie falls in love with her role each day while contributing to case management, providing a warm welcome to client as they enter clinical programming and by being a familiar voice as well as face to the facility.

Katie enjoys nature and especially loves the beach.

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