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Stephanie Shook

Office Administrator

About Stephanie

“Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.”
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Meet Stephanie Shook, from Woodstock, Illinois. A recent graduate obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration at Western Kentucky University. She comes highly trained to assist and take on exclusive roles that ease the workload of the administration team at Epiphany Wellness. 

Throughout her employment history over the past five years, Stephanie has gained experience in various customer service roles that include the beauty, retail & restaurant industry. She has a proven track record of effectively coordinating office operations and streamlining processes .In addition to, understanding the importance of effective communication and timely correspondence.

Stephanie chose a career within Addiction & Recovery because she believes being of service to encourage others has always been her strength. Working in healthcare has endless possibilities to support others on their personal journey. As the Administrative Assistant at Epiphany Wellness in Tennessee, Stephanie has developed a diverse skill set and a keen attention to detail that enables her to excel in managing various administrative tasks and functions. 

Stephanie enjoys spending time in nature, with her friends & family. She recently returned to a love for reading, indulging in ways to explore new worlds, expand her knowledge, and engage the imagination. She appreciates peace and gratitude in life because she feels that everyday shouldn’t be taken for granted as we are never promised a tomorrow.

Stephanie strives to enhance the overall client experience with genuine support to accomplish such governing tasks with grace and efficiency.

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