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Sober Events In New Jersey To Celebrate Sober Living

Updated On: Mar 25, 2024
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Amanda Stevens, B.S.

Sober Events in New Jersey
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    What you will learn
    • If you’re looking for fun things to do sober in NJ, there are several events celebrating sobriety in top destinations.
    • From music summits to yoga classes to fun sober activities, you can enjoy a range of entertaining experiences.
    • While sober events are a great option, it’s important to understand your triggers and take precautions.

    There is no shortage of fun, local events that can be fully enjoyed in New Jersey without drinking or using drugs. There are plenty of sober events in NJ hosted by people in their own recovery journey that are geared specifically toward fellow sobriety travelers.

    Sober Events and Activities in New Jersey

    Sober living has many challenges. But if you live in New Jersey, plenty of events nearby can accommodate your new lifestyle.

    Jersey Shore Roundup

    Since 2012, a 4-day summit on the Jersey Shore has celebrated recovery, food, dance, fellowship, and fun. The ticket price includes tickets for the weekend conference, buffet dinner and breakfast, entertainment, and after-hours dancing.

    The people who attend are heavily invested in their recovery journey. Any friends you make will be highly supportive of your new sober lifestyle. The speakers are from many different backgrounds, and you’ll likely find much to identify with in their stories.

    Dance Fitness

    Dance is a great way to activate a natural dopamine release. In New Jersey, there are dance classes specifically designed for people on their sobriety journey.

    There’s a dance studio in Belmar by the beach in Central Jersey run by Jade Fisher. She has an extensive background in dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, pointe, hip hop, and zumba. Her passion for dance is only eclipsed by her passion for helping people through their recovery journeys.

    Jade is on a recovery journey of her own. She holds a free dance fitness class every Monday at 7 pm in her studio in Belmar. She is excellent at making it accessible for all skill levels, and her only requirement is 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

    Sail the Serene Waters of the Barnegat Bay

    Captain Brian Dittenhofer has thirty years of recovery from alcohol and drug experience and forty years of seamanship under his belt. He believes in giving back to the recovery community because that’s exactly where he came from.

    He founded Life Boat of New Jersey to help people in recovery find new outlets to prevent relapse into an addictive lifestyle.

    While there are suggested rates for those who are financially able to contribute, he is very willing to waive the cost for people who don’t have enough money. Additional activities like swimming, fishing, crabbing, clamming, paddle-boarding, or surfing lessons can be arranged before departure.

    Marvel at the Panoply of Minerals Inside the Sterling Mine

    Imagine walking into a spacious cavern with unlit, pale rocks that can transform into a fluorescent dreamscape at the drop of a hat.

    The Sterling Mine in Ogdensburg has one of the world’s most extensive zinc ore deposits and the world’s largest collection of fluorescent rocks. UV light activates these pale rocks into fantastic shades of orange, pink, green, and blue.

    Several times a year, the mine hosts fun sober events. Sometimes, the mine becomes the epicenter for food trucks and other times it hosts ghost hunts where you learn about the ghosts believed to be haunting the mine. Several fatal accidents have occurred underground during the mine’s 250-year history (1739-1986). Supposedly, some of these miners still lurk in the tunnels beneath.

    Whether you attend a ghost hunt or a regular tour, remember to bring a jacket because it stays at 56° year-round.

    Beginner Tai Qi & Qi Gong

    Stretching back thousands of years, Qi Gong is a Chinese wellness-based practice. The word “Qi” means “life force,” and the word “Gong” means “to work with.” It literally means to work with your life force. One of the three specific subsets of Qi Gong is Tai Qi (pronounced as “Tai Chi”).

    Tai Qi is a martial art form that is meant to help you develop a strong body for self-defense. You can also practice it for different purposes like health, energy conservation, stress management, and feeling a deep “spiritual” connection to your inner energy.

    This event takes place every week on Friday in Belmar.

    Go Ice Skating at Newport Skates

    Strap on your skates because the only outdoor skating rink in New Jersey is calling.

    “Elephant Park” is a public space with pickleball courts in the summertime. But, once the snowflakes start falling, it transforms into the only outdoor skating rink in New Jersey.

    Even if you don’t have any skates, you can rent them at Newport Skates in Jersey City. There is free parking right next to the rink and a handful of restaurants within walking distance if you get the munchies. This is the perfect activity to do with your special someone who also respects your new sober lifestyle.

    FYI: Skating while sipping hot cocoa is not against the rules here.


    Yoga is a series of stretches that help restore your mind/spirit/body connection. It can improve your strength, balance, and flexibility by increasing blood flow and warming up muscles.

    Another closely related practice is mindfulness, which is being fully present in the moment. Yoga and mindfulness can and should be practiced simultaneously. An experienced instructor will take you on a guided journey through different yogic poses and mindfulness lessons.

    The only requirement for coming is that you’ve been continuously sober for 48 hours. Yoga is a natural fit for those in their recovery journey since it focuses on the present rather than getting stuck in the past. It takes place every week on Saturday.

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival

    Sober event in NJ: kite festival

    For the last 37 years, the largest kite festival in North America has been held on the Jersey shore in Wildwood. During May, kites of every shape, color, and size fill the skies. There are everything from giant salamanders to octopi to a pair of legs (sans torso).

    There are also outdoor and indoor competitions for young and old alike. Everybody can find something to enjoy about this festival. This event can best be enjoyed sober, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow kite enthusiasts for four straight days. What’s not to love?

    Community Fitness

    Fitness and sobriety are natural partners. Each involves setting realistic goals and challenging yourself to make incremental progress towards those goals over an extended period. There might be setbacks along the way, but the journey ultimately leads to robust health and well-being. A sober community fitness group meets in Medford, NJ, every Saturday.

    Any skill level is welcome, and the only requirement is that you’ve been continuously sober for at least 48 hours. It’s hosted by people on recovery journeys themselves, so they’ll understand what you are going through.

    Bonus Tip: Dress appropriately, and remember to bring some hydration.

    Snowboard (or MTB) at Mountain Creek

    Mountain Creek is the highest ski resort in New Jersey, with over 1000 ft. of vertical descent.

    Getting your heart pumping is a great alternative way to produce dopamine. During the winter, you can ski on the piste or dive into the trees. And when you’re tired, you can warm yourself by the slope side firepits and catch a bite to eat at the Market.

    During the summer, you can trade your snowboard for a mountain bike and enjoy the winding singletrack down the mountain. There are trails for all skill levels, featuring flowing sections and technical rock gardens.

    No matter if you’re there during the summer or winter, you can rent all the necessary gear on-site for a reasonable price. Buy tickets before the season starts for the best prices.

    Sober Fun Events NJ

    What began as a small, awkward meet-up in 2014 has now transformed into a 1000+ member strong community that hosts 1-2 events every month.

    To this day, this group schedules sober meetups for thousands of members across the state of New Jersey. The context for these meetups can span hikes, bowling, alkathons, and more.

    You can subscribe to their email list or give them a call any day to get more information.

    Polar Bear Plunge

    Every year, the Law Enforcement of New Jersey challenges athletes all over New Jersey to take an icy-cold plunge into the wintery Atlantic Ocean to raise money for able-equitable programming and events for thousands of local athletes.

    Put on appropriate swimwear and a few layers to keep you warm on the beach before jumping into the cold water. You can register for free, but you must meet the minimum fundraising amount by the time you check-in for the event.

    Like sobriety, the polar bear plunge is easier as a group because you can encourage each other towards your shared goals. Many people take the plunge with friends who want to contribute to a good cause.


    One of the newest trends in the fitness world is CrossFit. It’s a strength and conditioning workout that uses functional movements. These movements are similar to movements that are common in your daily routines, such as squatting, pulling, pushing, etc.

    This CrossFit workout is hosted by Phoenix in Manahawkin, NJ.

    You’ll be working out alongside others on their recovery journeys. The dopamine-inducing rush of completing a CrossFit workout is sure to be something you will look forward to every time.

    Zero-Proof Trivia Nights at Mercantile 1888

    New Jersey’s only zero-proof bar is located in Collingswood, NJ. They only sell non-alcoholic beverages. Their selections are hand-crafted and seasonally inspired. They use fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market. Deciding not to drink doesn’t mean you have to give up on having fun in social settings.

    Beyond a fun hang-out spot with friends, they host fun sober events like trivia nights paired with zero-proof cocktails. No matter the season you can always find something fun happening at Mercantile 1888. Make sure to keep up on what’s happening so you don’t miss out on any fun, sober events.

    Where Can I Go For Help Getting Sober In New Jersey?

    If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs in New Jersey, there are treatment options available near you. Find a licensed addiction treatment provider who can offer compassionate, discrete, and dignified care at an affordable cost.

    Epiphany Wellness offers residential and outpatient treatment programs with various evidence-based therapies. Evidence-based addiction treatment combined with robust recovery support will help you spark transformation and renewal. Our leaders have personal histories of overcoming mental health and substance use disorders, which they use to empower anybody who seeks treatment.

    Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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