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A Local Guide to New Jersey Support Groups and Meetings

Updated On: Mar 4, 2024
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Amanda Stevens, B.S.

New Jersey support groups
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    What you will learn
    • New Jersey has numerous mental health resources, including support groups and meetings for addiction and mental health concerns.
    • You can find support groups by organization, such as NA or AA, and through government mental health resources.
    • The state has helplines and affiliates to get up-to-the-minute information about local support groups and resources for mental health.

    If you live in New Jersey or you are just visiting enjoying the many sober activities the state has to offer and want to stay on track with your recovery, the state has numerous support groups and resources for mental health and substance use.

    Find out more about the local support groups and meetings in New Jersey for individuals and loved ones, including information from national and international organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a well-known peer support organization with chapters all over the country, including New Jersey.[1] The AA directory for New Jersey organizes upcoming meetings by county, so you can find meetings closest to you. There are search filters for the day and time or specific focus, such as men or women only, 12-Step, 11-Step mediation, and more.

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA)

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA) offers free peer-support meetings for people who are struggling with addiction to cocaine and other substances. Like AA, CA relies on the 12-Step Recovery framework and has a search database for upcoming meetings with days, times, locations, formats, and specific focus.

    Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)

    Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) has group meetings for people struggling with meth addiction based on the AA framework. The calendar of upcoming support meetings offers filters for location, day, time, or type, as well as options in nearby states.

    Heroin Anonymous (HA)

    Heroin Anonymous (HA) is another organization based on the framework of AA for heroin addiction. It offers free support meetings and a search tool for upcoming meetings in New Jersey with filters for days, times, types, or focus.

    Like other AA-based programs, HA has no dues or fees for membership – just the desire to stop heroin addiction. The meetings are organized into New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but the database provides plenty of information about each meeting.

    Marijuana Anonymous (MA)

    Marijuana Anonymous (MA) offers peer-support groups for people with marijuana addiction. The organization has a search database for upcoming meetings with days, times, locations, and specific focus, such as meditations or beginners.

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) relies on the AA framework and provides support meetings for narcotics addiction. The organization offers an NA meeting search tool for in-person and online meetings in New Jersey with search filters for the day and time. There’s also an app for immediate meeting information.

    SMART Recovery Meetings in New Jersey

    SMART Recovery is an organization focused on all types of addiction, including alcohol and drugs as well as process addictions. You can find a meeting in New Jersey with the meeting search tool or mobile app, which provides information about meetings at your fingertips.

    Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ)

    Peer support meeting in New Jersey

    The Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) offers community support groups, support services, and presentations to provide emotional support for people struggling with substance use disorders and mental health concerns, as well as their family members. You can search for groups and educational sessions by specific NJ county or call the helpline.

    NJ Self-Help Clearinghouse

    The NJ Self-Help Clearinghouse is a free service that provides self-help support groups statewide. The database has 8,600 self-help group meetings in the state. The organization also provides a phone number and contact form to access support groups.

    Warriors Welcome

    Warriors Welcome has a peer-run veterans support and discussion group for military veterans to help with wellness, relationships, employment, and adjusting to civilian life. While the meetings are local to NJ, they take place virtually the first and third Friday at 6 pm on Zoom.

    Morris County Veteran Peer Support Group

    Facilitated by a veteran, the Morris County veteran peer support group offers free group participation to all veterans, regardless of length of service or discharge status, for healing and recovery. The group meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers state-specific support programs organized by county. Along with a search database for in-person and online meetings, NAMI NJ has an office line to get updated information about local programs.

    NJ 211

    NJ 211 is a state mental health service that provides resources for NJ residents, including mental health-related support groups for individuals, parents, and students. There’s a helpful database of programs in the state with detailed information about the content, location, date, and time.

    Stay on Track with Recovery

    Meetings can be a beneficial part of post-recovery aftercare services. New Jersey offers a range of mental health support meetings from renowned organizations to ensure you have access to the resources you need in the state. Whether you live the area or you’re staying in New Jersey for a short period, find local meetings to build your support network and reach your recovery goals.

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