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Jason Zimolong

Admissions Team Lead

About Jason

Meet Jason Zimolong, a seasoned professional in the healthcare field with more than 6 years of dedicated experience. Jason’s journey in this field of work began as an intern, during which his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment propelled him into the role of a Court Liaison for the Camden County Juvenile Drug Court team. In this capacity, he demonstrated his efficacy in fostering a collaboration between the legal system and behavioral healthcare, solidifying his reputation as a skilled mediator and advocate.

As his career evolved, Jason transitioned into the role of a Clinical Case Manager, where he continued to exhibit his unwavering dedication to assisting others in their journey to wellness. Despite some success, Jason remained true to his passion for the business world, a realm he had initially pursued in college before getting sober and reconstructing his life. Jason’s innate desire to merge his life experiences and clinical expertise with his business acumen motivated him to pivot once more, currently finding his niche as our Admissions Team Lead.

Beyond his personal endeavors, Jason finds joy in family moments, cherishing time spent with his wife, children, and in the presence of God. His multifaceted interests also extend to the realms of finance and fashion, where he actively follows and studies different investment sectors and indulges in collecting sneakers. Jason’s holistic approach to life, blending his dedication to behavioral healthcare with personal passions, defines him as a well-rounded professional making a meaningful impact in both his career and personal spheres.

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