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Holli Abbott, CFNC

Nutrition Counselor

About Holli

Meet Holli Abbott, a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor at Epiphany Wellness in Tennessee, has a multifaceted approach to her practice. She is deeply passionate about helping individuals regain their health through a natural and holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. Holli believes in the transformative power of using food as medicine and employs various natural tools to restore the body’s balance.

With a background in corporate retail and a degree from the University of Alabama, Holli transitioned into nutrition and health after navigating her own health journey. This personal experience allowed her to recognize the critical need to bridge the gap between doctors and patients.

Holli’s unique expertise extends beyond traditional nutrition counseling. She specializes in helping clients struggling with substance use and mental health disorders, understanding the intricate connection between nutrition and overall well-being. Holli employs a compassionate and tailored approach to educate her clients on the profound impact nutrition can have on their recovery journey. She empowers them with practical knowledge and strategies to make healthier choices and supports them in achieving better mental and physical health.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, Holli actively engages with her clients through demonstration groups. These hands-on lessons are designed to provide practical, real-world guidance on nutrition. Holli leads these groups, facilitating interactive sessions where clients can learn by doing. This approach allows her clients to experience firsthand the positive effects of nutrition on their health, making it a tangible part of their recovery and well-being journey.

Holli Abbott’s holistic and empathetic approach to nutrition counseling, especially for clients facing substance use and mental health challenges, sets her apart as a dedicated and compassionate advocate for her clients’ well-being. She strives to empower individuals to take control of their health, promoting healing and balance through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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