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Elizabeth Winton MS, PhD

Primary Therapist

About Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth Winton, a dedicated and compassionate Primary Therapist with a diverse educational background and extensive experience in addiction counseling. She completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Alabama, where she embraced the spirited culture of “Roll Tide.” Driven by her passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction, Elizabeth pursued further education, earning her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in addiction from Lipscomb University. She is currently working towards her doctorate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Trevecca Nazarene University, demonstrating her commitment to advancing her knowledge and skills in the field.

Elizabeth’s professional journey has taken her through various levels of care, including a noteworthy experience working at the Tennessee Female Prison. Her dedication to aiding individuals in their recovery journey and helping them overcome the most formidable obstacles they face is evident in her work. Elizabeth believes in providing patients with empathy, respect, encouragement, and autonomy, recognizing the importance of these elements in the healing process.

Elizabeth is motivated by the profound impact she can have on individuals striving for sobriety. Her personal experience with addiction fuels her passion for this population, firmly believing that every person deserves the opportunity to share their unique story. Her approach is centered on creating a safe environment for patients to navigate their mental health crises and confront barriers. She employs evidence-based therapeutic approaches in both individual and group therapy sessions to support her patients. Elizabeth collaborates with patients to identify attainable treatment goals that aid in establishing and maintaining their recovery.

Elizabeth’s dedication and personal commitment to addiction counseling align perfectly with Epiphany Wellness’s mission and goals. She stands ready to support patients during their darkest moments, providing a comforting presence when they feel abandoned. Her personal journey and unwavering passion for addiction counseling have led her to dedicate her career to helping individuals find the strength to confront addiction on a daily basis.

Outside of her professional life, Elizabeth enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. She has a deep love for animals and aspires to visit a zoo in all 50 states, reflecting her sense of adventure and curiosity. Additionally, she finds joy in spending quality time with family and friends, often hosting competitive game nights or indulging in all-night movie marathons. Elizabeth’s diverse interests mirror her well-rounded and empathetic approach to her work as a Primary Therapist.

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