Alexia Snyder, INTAKE COORDINATOR - Epiphany Wellness Centers

Alexia Snyder

Intake Coordinator

About Alexia

Meet Alexia Snyder, a compassionate and dedicated individual who finds great fulfillment in helping others. With a professional background as an Office Manager, she quickly transitioned into the role as an Intake Coordinator at Epiphany Wellness, where she continues making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Alexia’s greatest passion lies in supporting others and gradually seeing a positive difference in their lives. She finds immense joy in assisting individuals, ensuring that they receive the foundation needed for long-term inner peace. Whether it’s providing guidance, listening to their concerns, or connecting them with the appropriate resources, Alexia is dedicated to being a compassionate leader and of service.

In her role as Intake Coordinator, she is focused on facilitating the admissions process for individuals seeking a long-term journey for sobreity. Alexia is committed to understanding the needs of our clients, addressing their concerns, as well as ensuring clients receive accommodating services. By providing a warm and empathetic experience, she aims to create quite a positive impact for daily living skills.

Alexia values spending quality time with her loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversations,
and creating lasting memories that holds space for joyful times together.

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