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Jennifer Taylor

Office Administrator

About Jennifer

Meet Jennifer Taylor, our dedicated Office Administrator with a professional background as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. In her key role, Jennifer provides vital clinical support to sustain both organizational and client structures within the day-to-day operations of Epiphany Wellness. Jennifer’s role prioritizes overseeing daily office activities, coordinating staff & client meetings, managing schedules, and ensuring the smooth operation of office functions. Her ability to multitask and optimize tasks effectively has led to significant improvements in office productivity and client satisfaction.

Her contributions to sustain office management also include effective communication, unwavering efficiency and event coordination. These prominent skills are driven by our core values “Be About It” and “Show Up,” which she exemplifies through her commitment and reliability at Epiphany Wellness. Jennifer’s motivation stems from a desire to create a better quality of life for herself and her family. This personal drive fuels her passion for her work and her determination to make a positive impact in her professional environment.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys self-care activities such as getting her hair done and indulging in massages. These moments of relaxation help her maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. With her combination of professional expertise and personal dedication, Jennifer Taylor is a valuable asset to our clinical support team and a role model for those around her.

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