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Christopher Johnson

Admissions Coordinator

About Christopher

Meet Christopher Johnson, an admissions coordinator at Epiphany Wellness with a unique and inspiring background. After struggling with substance abuse himself, he has successfully overcome his challenges and embarked on a journey of recovery. Christopher’s personal experience has motivated him to work in the field of addiction treatment, where he finds great satisfaction in assisting others in their quest for long-term recovery.

Christopher sees his role as pivotal in connecting individuals with high-quality treatment services that can pave the way for sustainable recovery and a life free from addiction. He brings valuable qualities to his position, including empathy, compassion, and a profound understanding of the level of care that Epiphany strives to provide to all its clients.

Beyond his professional role, Christopher is dedicated to helping as many people as possible achieve long-term recovery. He is committed to expanding his knowledge of the treatment process to explore additional avenues through which he can support those who are suffering from addiction.

Outside of work, Christopher enjoys a variety of interests and activities. He is passionate about sports, frequents the gym, and takes pleasure in watching his son participate in baseball as part of his travel team. He also finds joy in spending time with his dogs and relaxing at the beach.

Christopher’s personal journey of recovery, combined with his dedication to helping others, makes him a valuable asset to Epiphany Wellness’ team, where he plays a crucial role in guiding individuals toward a brighter and addiction-free future.

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